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Monday, November 30, 2015

Move to London, England

Well we sold the house in Boston finally at the end of July. We ended up having to change agents to get a reliable service. I completed the work on the house. Meanwhile Catherine and I had put a lot of work into multiple showings during the weekend.
We also managed to pack all our stuff for the UK. We were in two temporary apartments in London before finding our current place. It was quite a job to do that whilst Catherine and I were both working full time jobs.
Then we also had to find a school for Charlotte, 8 and Jack, 7, Radnor House. My brother had worked at this school which is right around the corner from our house. He recommended it to us. So I met up with the Headmaster. We decided to go for it.
  On Tuesday dad & I went to see Andrew Roberts, the historian and Churchill expert talk at Gray's Inn Great Hall 
Gray's Inn Great Hall, where I went to see Historian Andrew Roberts, talk about the special relationship between Churchill and Roosevelt. There were both honorary benchers at Gray's Inn.

Gray's Inn, London

The move from Boston, USA, to London, England has gone great. It's been hard work but given the complexity of the task I was expecting a lot more difficulties.