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SoMoClo TM*

MIT, 10 minutes walk from our house in Cambridge, Massachusetts 

So last monday 2/13 was the launch party dinner at the British Consulate of SoMoClo Basically the idea is that Social Media & Cloud are converging. But still they are often treated as separate entities - for example a director of social media is not connected to Mobile strategists or IT folks managing the cloud.
SoMoClo Key Benefits:
1) Increased efficiency, transparency & speed of access to info by fully integrating Social, Mobile and the Cloud
2) Improved ROI through all of the above
There's a real powerhouse of talent behind this initiative.
 I know the venue well as I've been there for as well as I also know the British Consul, Phil Budden. It was both entertaining & informative. As mentioned my wife, Catherine, is in Europe, fixing Global Recruiting for her Company I'll be flying to meet Catherine in London next weekend (2/21) at the Sheraton tower. …