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Friday, June 27, 2014

My top 5 favorite Conferences

Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas - The Money Show

In the last 6 years I've gained huge amounts of experience attending and setting up a large variety of Conferences in multiple business sectors and diverse locations; I've got good at assessing which are effective and which aren't; using both hard metrics and softer skills - the art and science of conferences. I always have to justify the budget to my CEO so I have to be on top of this.

At the Financial Traders Conference at the Money Show at Caesars Palace Las Vegas I got to stay in the same hotel that 'The Hangover' was filmed in, which was great. I also managed to win a thousand dollars at Poker. We got plenty of good leads but it was also the kind of crazy testosterone fueled event that you'd expect from a bunch of financial traders; think 'Wolf of Wall Street'.

The Economics forum in Washington DC was great, mainly because I got to hear Paul Volcker, the ex-Federal Reserve Chairman speak and i got to hang out in DC, which is a city I really liked (although i do like JFK's quip that 'DC is a city with northern charm and southern efficiency'). We were marketing a new Business intelligence tool called Datazoa, to business Economists at Government agencies, Research organisations and Universities amongst others; our efforts secured new clients from Massachusetts State Treasury, San Francisco & Dallas Fort Worth Airports and several Country's Central Banks as well as a host of Universities.

I've been to numerous shows in New York City, including Trading Software and most recently the Digital Analytics Association. I was also in Chicago for the Internet retailers conference ( ). I would have liked to explore the city but on that occasion I was so busy I pretty much never got out of the area my hotel and the event was in.

My Hotel had had 8 Presidents stay there, which sounds very impressive. However the last one was FDR in 1932 and I think that's the last time they had done any work on the joint. Seriously though I had a mean fillet steak In their restaurant. Plus one night we all went out to a fantastic Tapas restaurant called Mercat.

My all time Favorite Conference  would have to have been the Adobe Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah:
I Set up 11 meetings in 4 days, all with C level decision makers at Fortune 500 Companies; Several of which converted to $ 1 Million plus deals. I went to see Vampire Weekend play live and had to top it off had my best day's skiing in Park City, for 8 or 9 years with a British/Dutch guy from London who now lives in Toronto.

I also made some great contacts on the ski day that I wasn't expecting; for example heads of business divisions at Bell Canada, Verizon Wireless and at the Gartner Group. Great experience all round but looking back the skiing was definitely the best part.

Park City, Utah, where I went skiing for the final day of the Adobe Marketing Conference

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